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The #1 Learning Experience for Mattress Pros Mastering the Art of Sleep and Sales.

You are just steps away from learning the secret of how Sleep is a Daytime Issue™.

It's time to dive into the Drift™ Sleep Guide Certified Program, where industry leaders Dr. Kimberly Lemke and Mark Kinsley team up to provide you with unparalleled expertise and tools.

Over three interactive months, you'll engage in a 5-level online course, participate in live webinars, and access a multi-modal sleep learning lab. The result? You will be Sleep Guide™ Certified!

Mark Kinsley

CEO of The FAM

Hey, I'm Mark. I'm so glad you're here!

As the founder of The FAM, former CEO of Englander, and past head of marketing for Leggett & Platt, I've been serving alongside my friends in the mattress business for years — and I love this industry!

We get to bring better sleep to the world and I'm so excited to continue helping mattress companies be a catalyst for health and wellness.

As part of that mission, we've teamed up with the amazing Dr. Kimberly Lemke to create a program that will help you gain a strong understanding of sleep, improve your health and wellness, and give you the confidence to have meaningful conversations with consumers who are looking for ways to get better rest!

I'm excited to personally invite you to join our vibrant community for professionals in the mattress and sleep industry who are driven to build businesses, deepen relationships, and spread the joys of better sleep.

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Drift™ Sleep Guide™ Certified

Unlock Dr. Kimberly Lemke and Mark Kinsley's exclusive program for creating Sleep Selling Superstars!

$20,000 in Value!

  • 5 level Drift™ Online Course with content, workbooks, and quizzes

  • 2 Drift™ Sleep Guide Live Webinars with Dr. Kim and Mark Kinsley (every other month)

  • 3 Months of Online Access. In our private online community you will engage in lively discussions, ask your specific questions, and maintain access to all online course content.

  • Sleep Coaching for You. Gain access to Dr. Lemke's personalized sleep coaching strategies designed to unlock your peak potential and skyrocket sales. Your specific sleep needs will guide the content, ensuring a flow of continuous, impactful insights

  • Gain an Unfair Advantage. Uncover the secrets to engaging consumers in a conversation about their sleep problems, connect on a deeper level, and give your team a competitive advantage

  • Become Sleep Guide™ Certified. Earn your official Drift™ Sleep Guide Certified printable plaque upon completion

  • Sleep better and feel better! Data shows that people who sleep well are 30% more likely to achieve their goals. Get ready to unleash your full power!

🔒 Lock in founders' pricing of only $599 before the program increases to 📈 $649.

3 Ways the Drift Program Can Boost an RSA's Earnings

  1. Stand Out as an Expert. Becoming Sleep Guide™ Certified will set you apart from the average salesperson. You'll gain the knowledge needed to have confident conversations about sleep, adding value for customers and leading to higher average tickets and more high-value clients.

  2. Sleep Better and Sell More. Don't be the chef who won't eat her own food. People don't want to buy a sleep-enhancing mattress from a tired and groggy salesperson. Learn the secrets to better sleep, unlock your full potential, and "eat your own cooking." Data shows that people who sleep well are 30% more likely to achieve their goals.

  3. Boost Customer Satisfaction. If a customer buys a mattress and continues to sleep poorly, who are they going to blame? Armed with science-backed sleep knowledge, you can change the trajectory of their sleep lives. Help ensure they get the most out of their mattress by adopting optimal sleep habits.

What Else is Included In The Drift Program?

  • An interactive workbook to make it even easier to get quick sleep results. (Drink & Food Log, Nighttime Routine Checklist, Sleep Balloon, etc.)

  • How to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • How to battle fatigue quickly and effectively.

  • The surprising truth about why we dread our beds.

  • The number one sleep tool to battle insomnia.

  • Easy strategies to shut off your brain at night

  • How to take control back of your nighttime thinking.

  • Creating effective bedtime rituals.


Welcome to the Sleep Balloon

Join Mark Kinsley and Dr. Kimberly Ann Lemke, an award-winning psychologist and sleep wellness advocate, as they introduce this concept as a game-changer for your nightly rest.

Picture your ability to sleep well as a balloon that you need to fill throughout the day with good habits and positive routines. It's not just about the hours you spend in bed; it's about how you prepare for them.

Inside this community, Dr. Lemke will dive deep, offering unique insights and strategies. Get ready to transform your sleep, your life, and your business!

Dr. Kimberly Ann Lemke: Sleep Wellness Champion

Dr. Kimberly Ann Lemke, a renowned clinical psychologist and the 2020 Enterprising Women of the Year Award winner, is on a mission to enhance sleep quality and mental health.

As a Sleep Science Coach, her approach extends beyond the conventional wisdom of "sleeping more," offering transformative strategies for better rest and overall well-being.

Her Drift™ offerings within corporate wellness programs have made significant strides in improving sleep health and reducing the effects of sleep deprivation, saving organizations millions.

Founder and CEO of the Drift Sleep & Wellness Institute, Dr. Lemke is a key player in sleep health advocacy, leveraging her vast expertise to promote better sleep practices. With a rich background in clinical psychology, including specialized training in CBT-I for insomnia, she embodies the spirit of innovation and community welfare in the sleep science realm.

Join us on this journey to better sleep and unlock the secrets of the sleep balloon with Dr. Kim, Mark Kinsley, and your entire FAM!

Dr. Kim's Media Features and Corporate Engagements

We're excited to serve you...

Welcome to the FAM and Drift community. I'm Mark Kinsley, past CEO of Englander mattress company and The FAM's permanent "Guide in Residence."

In this special community, your growth is our main goal and we're committed to helping you succeed beyond your wildest dreams. By joining the Drift™ Sleep Guide™ Certified program you're pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the mattress industry and for that, we're so proud of you.

I know you’re ready to elevate your game and connect with the best — and we’re here to welcome you with open arms.

Let's do this!

Welcome to the FAM.

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